Homicide, the unlawful killing of another person, is severely punished in our society, with penalties that may lead to a lifetime behind bars or even the death penalty. Whether you face murder, manslaughter or another violent crime charge, you deserve an experienced defense attorney who will assert your rights in the criminal justice system. Based on the facts of your case, I will seek the best possible outcome, whether that’s an acquittal, sentence reduction or plea agreement.

Homicide offenses vary in degree of serverity depending upon the presence and extent of premediation,Lesser offenses include manslaughter and Murder in the 2nd degree when the element of premeditation is missing or questionable or brief. Heat of passion crimes and vehicular homicide are included in this category.

Remember you are innocent until proven guilty. You have no obligation to present any evidence or testimony including your own. The burden of proof rests entirely upon the government. I won a first degree murder trial without offering any evidence or testimony. Attacking the government evidence carried the day.

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