Case name Outcome
Ric Birch v Psychiatric Institute of Washington (original title ) $900,000+ award (+attys fees) for total of $1.1 million was and still is the largest sum awarded in the history of the DC Human Rights Commission. Upheld by D.C. Court of Appeals in published opinion. 871 A. 2d 1146 (D.C. 2005)
John Doe v Medlantic Health Care Group Inc $250K verdict against hospital, which at the time was reported to be the largest verdict ag a hospital for breach of patient confidentialty. The verdict was upheld on appeal in the DC Court of Appeals by published opinion. ( 814 A.2d 959( D.C 2003))
Eddy v Colonial Life Insurance Company Judge at trial dismissed the case. But she was reversed on appeal to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals , which , in a published opinion ordered the Ins Co to reinstate his ins and pay his medical bills and legal expenses. ( 919 F.2d 747 (D.C. Cir. 1990))
Commonwealth of VA
NOT GUILTY – MURDER 1 and all counts